• WE get to help tomorrow TODAY

    1. get yourself something really cool
    2. support our world friendly projects
    3. create a job somewhere

    you GET - we GIVE
  • you BUY - we HIRE

    we work with really cool people that make our BRANDS FOR CHANGE

    our "JOB" is to CREATE JOBS in South Africa
  • we are changing the attitude of KIDS of the WORLD 1 step at a time with

    THANKS for supporting our world friendly projects
  • the RHINO - makes his own sunscreen by rolling in the mud & looks like a dinosaur

    the ELEPHANT - weighs as much as 100 people & is an amazing long distance swimmer.

    the SHARK - JAWS gave him a really bad rep - we ARE NOT his favourite snack.

    Show your SOLE

    they all LOVE water so we created a range of FLOPS just for them

Our Progress

Since our launch in November 2012

*Numbers updated quarterly

Foundation Projects

Kruger Park - Rhino Education Campaign
Published on Nov 12, 2012 The EDU CAMPAIGN aim is to educate children in AFRICA ( beginning at the Kruger National Park where 80% of the worlds Rhinos are located ) & ASIA ( addressing the demand for Rhino horn products) about the plight of the Rhino. On the 19th of October 2013 , the Brands for Change Foundation Team, Chris Daniel (Bongi), Sboniso Phakathi (Spoon) & 6 year old Chad Smith launched the EDU CAMPAIGN by cycling from school to school in rural Acornhoek, South Africa - located on the Southern boundary of the Kruger National Park. 250 000 children live in this community.
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